Robin joined Quality Assurance as its Support Specialist in 2017 following over three years combined as a Sorter, A Records Coordinator and then back into the Sorting Department as its supervisor. She has no idea what she did to get to CEG, but she loves being a part of an organization that puts such emphasis, not only on great service, but also on philanthropy.

Robin attended both UW—Madison and UW—Milwaukee where she gained much experience in helping craft reports. She has since also edited in the publishing field and worked in both the service and wine industries. Robin is active in the American Indian Community, is a board member of the Mukwonago Historical Society and is the caretaker of the Red Brick Museum’s American Indian Collections. Her passions are sharing what has been shared with her, nature, music, cycling, and most importantly, her family. She lives in Burlington with that family of both the Two and Four-legged variety—Henry, Tyler, Pixie and Best Buddy–most of whom are actually domesticated.