I was a phlebotomist for 13 years at Oconomowoc Hospital and a Dialysis tech. for 19 years at Purity dialysis, I never went to college, was trained on the job for it all. I am obsessed with the sky…and I take pictures of it all!!! My favorite book is the Audobon society guide to North American weather…lol…I love to see and take pictures of all the different types of clouds, solar halos, sundogs, iridescent clouds, etc. I am also into and obsessed with Astronomy, I know where and when the planets you can see with the naked eye are every night, I watch the ISS fly over all the time, I watch the Moon phases and I take pictures of it all etc. I also keep track of comets and asteroids that are coming close to us…did you know that a very large asteroid just missed us yesterday?? It was the closest one to the earth since 2004!!! It was huge!!! I also grow a garden every year…I call myself a “self-taught farmer” I had no idea what I was doing at first and after 20 years of growing a garden I have learned a lot!!!