Commonly Asked Questions

Can I fax medical records?

Yes, Our fax number is 888-762-4020

Can I securely transfer medical records electronically?

Yes, by clicking the Upload Records link and securely logging in as a customer.
Continue to upload by following the instructions for medical records.

How long will it take for the report to be completed?

In most cases, less than 10 business days. This guideline can change based on voluminous records, missing medical records, and unforeseen circumstances. If you have a deadline that you can share with us, we will make accommodations for the expert to complete the final product on time as we schedule the order. 

Can I speak with the doctor?

Under the appropriate circumstances, we will gladly arrange for a conversation with the expert after the IME has taken place.

Are there late cancellation fees for IME’s?

In most cases, yes. For good reason, each medical expert will protect their time, and the fee can be quoted upon scheduling. The cancellation policies typically range between 3-5 business days; however, they can be longer for some experts.

Do your experts offer educational services?

Yes, many of our experts will schedule an educational presentation for a small to large group of people within the industry, depending on schedule and availability. Please let us know what topics you may be interested in, and we’ll contact you with some options to consider.